A Holyoke woman has been reunited with her dog after surveillance video caught a person walking off with her puppy. 

Diana Figueroa said her three-month-old Cairn Terrier “Lily” disappeared outside her Walnut Street home this week.

A neighbor’s security camera footage caught a man appearing to lead the dog down the street. Figueroa posted the footage on a community forum on Facebook.

Someone recognized the person, and they brought Lilly back Wednesday afternoon. 

“Amazingly able to call them, and he actually said that he has her and he’s gonna bring her back,” said Diana Figueroa. “He said that she sort of just followed him, and then a car almost hit her so that’s why he took her. I just started crying. I couldn’t say anything. My son loves her, she’s his companion.”

Figueroa said she’s only had Lily a month and a half, and she plans to get her micro-chipped, just in case.