SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A new business is being planned in downtown Springfield that will house a luxury and tasting cafe.

Gissel Santiago of RE_EstateGissel intends to open a new business, called “CAFEDIOR,” on 1593 Main Street, which is an area that appears to be experiencing growth.

According to Santiago, owning the cafe is a rewarding experience for her. She states, “As a Latina woman in business, it makes me feel extremely good, just because I can be a leading example to many others, especially our next generation.” Santiago emphasizes that the company’s main purpose will be to serve Springfield as well as all the professionals in the area.

As CAFEDOR enters the city, Santiago hopes to provide businesspeople with the opportunity to meet and enjoy a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings, noting there was no other place in town that could offer a downtown view, extended hours, and all day breakfast. Among the menu items will be barista-style coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, bacon eggs, and cheese, grilled sandwiches, specialty sandwiches, and pastries. 

Construction is still underway, but Santiago is hopeful the doors will open sometime in the summer of this year.