SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A new and exciting Latin American festival is making its way to Springfield of firsts this summer to showcase cultural pride and unity.

The Hispanic American Library is putting together the first New England Latino Festival in Springfield. This is an incredible opportunity to showcase the vibrant and resilient Latino community in a brand-new way.

This event is the first of its kind, so Springfield is the city of firsts, making it the perfect place to begin this new tradition. Juan Reyes Falcon has worked tirelessly for over 27 years to create something like this, a labor of love.

It started as a seed, and it’s blossomed into a three-day festival this upcoming August. All three days are jam-packed with culture, featuring everything from music to food, and history that showcases all of the beautiful Latin American cultures and will have everything from mariachis from Mexico, to samba from Brazil, jibaro music and dance from Puerto Rico, and so much more.

Falcon emphasized that this event is a celebration of culture and it’s about learning about each other and what makes us who we are, and celebrating those differences.

“Our mission is strictly to empower the Hispanic community and really bring us to the table. I think it’s about time that we’re able to come to the table and share our similarities and share how we can be more interactive and very supportive of the community itself because this is all about community,” said Juan Reyes Falcon, the founder of the Hispanic American Library.

Falcon believes that events like these create a space for the Latino community to reflect on the people that came before them, and give us a better understanding of our culture and hopefully, inspire the youth and future leaders.

Falcon said that this festival is like a passport to Latin America, everyone will have the opportunity to experience the sights, sounds, and again the rich history of Latin culture. Friday was the kickoff event but the actual festival is just months away on August 24th through the 26th.