SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Tax Free Holiday and Springfield’s Jazz and Roots festival downtown aren’t the only local events happening in Western Massachusetts this weekend. The New England Quiltfest at the Mass Mutual Center is bringing together world class quilters from all over America.

The fine art of quilting has taken generations of perfection to reach the level displayed for the past several days at the Mass Mutual Center. It’s been said that once you craft a quilt you never stop and pass along the gift of quilting to others in your family.

22News spoke to one of the winner’s of the competition, whose been quilting for most of her life.

Sue Pollard of Upton, Massachusetts told 22News that it certainly runs in her family, “It’s such a part of me now because I have been doing this my whole life. Just touching the fabrics and just looking at all of these beautiful colors, it just calms me. The colors inspire me–the patterns and the textures. It’s part of my soul.”

There were more than 600 works of quilting art on display. The QuiltFest also brings in dozens of vendors selling fabrics, machines, textiles and other quilting supplies.