SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A noted western Massachusetts horse enthusiast has questioned the Springfield traffic commission regulations pertaining to riding a horse in Springfield.

Jose Rubero of Belchertown is well known for his horsemanship at parades and other events. Rubero takes issue with the traffic commission’s edict against riding a horse in downtown Springfield. He compares this to other forms of transportation.

“For example, inner city scooters, they ride all over the city. What makes it so safe if you’re riding in the North End and suddenly it’s unsafe to ride, it’s unsafe to ride,” said Jose Rubero of Belchertown.

Jose Rubero questions the riding routes laid out by the city’s traffic commission. He also find fault with the required transport health certificates for the horse.

In September 2020, the Springfield City Council passed an ordinance that would require horse riders to receive a permit. Rubero was the first person to obtain a permit for the city of Springfield this week.