WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – West Springfield is counting on Mural Magic to help transform the public pool at Alice Corson Playground into a more popular destination.

In this age of murals, we’ve seen what the artwork has accomplished drawing attention to downtown areas in Springfield and Chicopee for example attracting visitors as well as businesses.

On Tuesday, West Springfield celebrated the completion of a mural with a nautical theme, overlooking the Corson playground pool. Its hometown artist, John Matlock, is proud of his latest accomplishment of expression through his artwork

“I just want to bring a bright color, make people feel good at what they’re looking at. There a murals everywhere for everything, having fun you know, fantasy land. If I can bring it to the kids,” John said.

The West Springfield Arts Council formally dedicated the mural they had commissioned to again prove the power of the mural to affect the lives of all who spend the time appreciating the work.

Janet Eckert, a member of the West Springfield Art Council, told 22News, “It’s very important to celebrate the arts, that we have right here, in West Springfield, and we’re so glad John Matlock applied for a grant and this will be a tribute to all children in West Springfield.

All who visit the iconic pool on Main Street can enjoy a close-up look at larger than life whales and tropical fish done up in the splashiest colors John Matlock could muster.