WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Sunday, August 8 is Purple Heart Day across America. A day where we honor the sacrifices of Purple Heart recipients, either killed in action or wounded.

For the city of Westfield this is a day of additional significance.

At Kane/Wojtkiewicz Park that Westfield’s Purple Heart Trail Organization dedicated its new Veterans Monument Sunday afternoon, continuing it’s work on behalf of the thousands from Westfield who earned their Purple Hearts through wartime sacrifices. A lot of veterans being wounded in battle, and many of whom died on the battlefield.

It’s to honor these brave men and women that the Purple Heart Trail organizations were formed. The raising of the money to erect this monument didn’t happen overnight.

Michael Roeder the Treasurer of Westfield Purple Heart Trail told 22News, “We raised over $30,000. We were able to erect this magnificent stone in honor of veterans who have been wounded and killed in action, going back to World War Two.”

It was a deeply emotional experience for the invited guests witnessing the Purple Heart Monument for the first time.

Air Force Veteran Angel Simmons said, “It’s nice to see the coming together of the community and know there’s going to be a preservation basically forever.”

The various veterans organizations were each represented during Sunday’s solemn ceremony dedicating this monument to the memory of so many Westfield veterans.