SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A Springfield artist has been donated a vehicle to help him with transportation troubles.

The non-profit Good News Garage helps individuals in need of transportation. The group handed over the keys of a 2009 Toyota Highlander to Springfield resident Frankie Borrero on Thursday. Frankie is recovering from a life-altering injury and will use the vehicle to get through his next journey in recovery.

“Right now I’m on my way to Westfield, where I’m doing a mural for the Brain Injury Center over there for my team and fellow survivors of brain injury. On Saturdays, I teach literacy,” said Borrero.

“While we can’t solve the car shortage, we can certainly help some of those who are being hit the hardest,” said Cash Cranson, director of operations at Good News Garage.

Good News Garage was founded in Vermont in 1996 as one of the nation’s first charitable car donation programs. They have donated more than 5,500 vehicles to people in need of transportation over the last 25 years. You can donate a vehicle to the nonprofit on their website.

Borrero is a familiar artist to 22News. He was on Mass Appeal in 2019 and has been interviewed several times for his street murals, like the one along Sargeant and Main Street that tells the history of the Hispanic Community.