CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Leaving snow on your windows or roof of your car isn’t only an inconvenience, it’s illegal and it could lead to fines.

Snow-covered roads could create a messy commute but snow-covered cars can be just as dangerous. Any snow left on top of vehicles could fly off and cause accidents for others.

“Sometimes you see it with big trucks and all types of different cars, not a lot of people take that measure seriously to help ensure everyone else’s safety,” said Reneek Stephenson of Springfield.

Photo: Viewer from Ashfield

In Massachusetts, officers can issue a $40 fine for impeded operation if a driver has obstructed windows and a $200 fine for driving with an unsecured load, which can include heavy sheets of snow or ice on a car’s roof.

One of the dispatchers at Interstate Towing told 22News their drivers aren’t allowed to leave the lot without fully cleaning off their vehicle.

“We always make sure our trucks are completely clean of snow and the vehicles we’re towing as well,” said Shana Brodeur.

Wednesday night’s snowstorm has created a tough commute on the roads for many and has kept the tow trucks busy.

“We’ve had drivers working almost 24 hours straight,” said Brodeur. “We’ve been helping a lot of people get out of the snow sometimes on the highway or their own driveway….a lot of AAA calls.”

If you’re on the road and you see any trucks conducting a tow, truck drivers ask that you move over whether it be on the highway or in your neighborhood.

“Sometimes we’re underneath vehicles trying to get them safely into the truck. That could be your family member in the vehicle we’re trying to help. There’s all kinds of people that need help and we need to make sure they’re safe as well,” Brodeur continued.

Massachusetts’ Move Over Law requires drivers approaching a stationary emergency, or maintenance vehicle to move into the next lane. Failure to do so could result in a $100 fine.