SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Former U.S. Olympic figure skater Tiffany Scott Pryor helped create a lifetime of memories for Square One preschoolers, a community effort on ice on behalf of the non-profit agency devoted to helping families.

“We put this event together with the amazing partners that we have… the Thunderbirds, Bob The Bike Guy, we had a great effort on the part of Olympic skating, the city of Springfield pitched in,” said Kristina Allard, Vice President at Square One.

With that many participants, Tuesday’s activities can be a form of taking a village to help raise a child and what a day it was for these children taking to the ice for the first time.

“It’s exciting because the children are excited about being here. We knew we were coming here for a couple of weeks, I talked with the children about coming here and they were so excited about coming here, taking a bus,” said Ronda Peters, lead teacher at Square One.

Here you’ve got an example of the type of community support from the Square One, preparing these children for the day they enter the school system. Treating the kids to advantages they will certainly treasure for a great many years to come.