SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Cases of a deadly dog virus are on the rise in Springfield. Dakin Humane Society has launched a prevention campaign and is seeing a massive turnout.

At least seven cases of Parvovirus have been confirmed in the Springfield area over the last month. Veterinarians here at Dakin Human Society told 22News the virus is highly contagious, and hard to treat. The best way to deal with parvovirus is prevention, not treatment.

The American Kennel Club reports the survival rate of dogs with parvo that is treated by a veterinarian is between 68% and 92%. It sets in quickly, and if your puppy survives the first three to four days of symptoms, they typically make a full recovery. It is most common in puppies ages six weeks to six months, but older dogs can get it as well, so it’s important to get vaccinated no matter the age.

Dr. Jack Muth, the Public Medical and Education Director of the Dakin Human Society said “Parvovirus causes a horrible diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, the dogs get very sick very quickly. They need hospitalization or significant care at home and even with appropriate treatment, some dogs will die from the disease.”

Dakin reached out to the Springfield community directly as they confirmed more and more cases of the virus. The reality of this harsh sickness attracted people in droves.

“It’s scary. These are my babies. I love my animals and I’m here today to get them protected.” said Elisa Rivera.

Demand for parvo vaccines was so high on Friday at Dakin Humane Society, that they were turning cars away before the clinic was even supposed to open. The good news is, there are more opportunities coming up.

Lee Chambers, the Media and Development Specialist of Dakin Humane Society said “The clinic began at 10, but what we didn’t expect was people showed up at eight or nine in the morning. But if people come to the next two clinics on October 7th or 14th, the recommendation is to come early.”

The next clinics both run from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at 171 Union Street in Springfield Friday, October 7 and 14. Dakin asks that only Springfield residents attend and told 22News that if your dog is sick that you keep them at home.