Owner: My dog is lucky to be alive after coyote attack

Hampden County

Springfield residents are keeping a closer eye on their pets after their neighbor’s dog was attacked by coyotes in East Forest Park.

Taryn Urbanus’ little dog, Logan, is lucky to be alive after two coyotes viciously attacked him.

“I am constantly scanning around whenever I come out by myself or with him,” said Urbanus of Springfield. “Just because, for two coyotes to be traveling around here, sitting in our backyard, it’s kind of unsettling.”

Coyotes rarely attack people and pets but Wednesday night, two coyotes attacked Taryn’s 7.5 Ibs mixed-breed Aussie, Logan.

Logan had to endure numerous stitches and his owner with nearly $2,500 in vet bills. Neighbors are worried, and not just about their pets.

“I mean it is kind of unsettling, especially if someone gets hurt by them,” Kevin Hawk of Springfield told 22News.

Logan was outside alone when his owner heard him scream, and came running to his rescue. Urbanus found her little dog, cowering under a table, while a coyote circled around him.  

Adults coyotes can weigh up to 30 pounds and can run very fast.

According to Wildlife Help, if you are followed or approached by a coyote, never turn your back on them. Instead act aggressively. Wave your arms. Shout. You want to let that coyote know you’re also a threat.

“Coyotes and other wild-like animals like to hide,” Pam Peebles, executive director at TJ O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption told 22News. “They like to find overgrowth, bushes.”

If you combine the bushes with food sources, it’s even better.

TJ O’Connor, recommends you make your backyard wildlife proof by removing food sources like bird feeders and pet food and keeping your hedges low.

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