SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Parent Villages just opened up their new office space in Springfield, they’re now ready to educate the community and help improve the lives of children and families.

Parent Villages works to bring families and the community together to improve education for children in western Massachusetts. Some of the educational services they offer are community resource sharing and events, assistance for victims of violence, and family engagement and parent advocacy.

Latonia Monroe-Naylor, President and CEO of Parent Villages says this new location allows them to help improve the quality of education and the lives of all children and their parents. “A lot of times folks feel like they have been kicked and they stay down because they don’t know there’s a place where they can feel like they belong and where people are not going to judge them for the things they been through or they have gone through or maybe some of the decisions they made and here at Parent Villages we believe in that motto–it still takes a village and we are here to support with you, go through it with you empower you and your children.”

And on top of helping children, there are also empowerment programs for adults such as the Adult Village Builders Boot camp where parents and caregivers participate in interactive workshops.

And Parent Villages is already welcoming in visitors, so if you’re interested in these services you can learn how to get involved by visiting their website.

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