WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Local school communities are on high alert Thursday night following a post circulating on TikTok that refers to a threat to school safety.

The superintendents of several school districts in western Massachusetts, including Westfield, Longmeadow and South Hadley schools, sent a message to parents Thursday on the latest TikTok challenge regarding threats.

According to Superintendent Czaporowski, there are posts on TikTok stating that on Friday, December 17, there is a challenge to call in bomb threats, school shooting threats, etc. at schools in the United States. Czaporowski is urging families to talk to your child about the potential consequences of engaging in this type of behavior.

The Westfield High School returned to normal routine Thursday, after threats on social media disrupted operations Wednesday. According to the superintendent, the high school was informed of a series of social media posts Wednesday morning that could be interpreted as a threat to others.

The person responsible for those threats has been identified and they were determined to be not credible. Police could not release any information on that individual due to their age.

“I think parents should check more with their kids and what they are doing, especially on social media, and kids need to take this a lot more serious,” said Alessandra Dimech of Westfield.

“We again want to say thank you to the students, parents and community members who make us aware of the social media posts that we are unable to access. We all have a role in keeping our students and community safe,” said Superintendent Czaporowski.

Every threat is taken seriously and students may face the possibility of suspension or expulsion, and possible legal consequences. According to the Enfield Police Department, officers are remaining vigilant, but say there is no credible threats made to any of the schools. Several other police departments are informing parents that they are aware of the social media posts and that there are no credible threats. They also said there will be an additional presence of officers around schools on Friday to support the school community.

“I mean its terrifying. I think a lot of kids don’t realize how serious these things are and they are just making these videos on TikTok, they don’t realize the serious implications it could have,” said Dimech.