A story in the Bible has inspired the Reverend Susan Borsella to create a small food pantry for the poor at the First Congregational Church in the town of Chester.

The Reverend keeps the pantry alongside the nearly 180-year-old First Congregational Church stocked with daily necessities. Those in need remain anonymous, taking just what they need.

She was inspired by the story of an ancient Israelite who devoted part of his land to the poor.

There’s never a concern about running out of food at this mini pantry. “We’ve had other people in the community who don’t belong to the church dropping off food and hoping to keep the pantry stocked,” Reverend Borsella explained, “which has been pretty amazing to watch that happen.”

Cynthia Loiselle, first deacon of the church is filled with admiration what her pastor has achieved with the mini food pantry staving off hunger. “If you have a family at home that needs food, it’s nice that they come here and get what they need, and Susan is great. She fills it every day, she goes and checks… she’s a great woman.”

Susan has never actually met any of the families she helps feed. But over the years, one grateful mom has stayed in touch.

“We stayed in contact for about a year and she was thrilled,” Susan told 22News. “She sent me pictures of her baby and pictures of him walking.”

For helping those who would otherwise go hungry, the Reverend Susan Borsella is a Hometown Hero to be honored Thursday morning by the Western Massachusetts Red Cross.