SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – PeoplesBank presented The Gray House with a donation after the robbery that happened last May.

According to a news release sent to 22News from The Gray House, they are a small neighborhood human service agency in Springfield. Their mission is to help neighbors facing hardships to meet their immediate and transitional needs, such as providing food, clothing, and educational services in a safe, positive environment.

PeoplesBank has helped 331 different nonprofits and charitable organizations and has donated $10,736,943 in the past decade. “We couldn’t be more thankful for the generous support of PeoplesBank,” said Gray House executive director, Kristen McClintock. “The break-in we experienced in May was devastating. Not only did our agency lose critical supplies, such as food, infant formula, and diapers, that we distribute to our neighbors in need at no cost, but we were left with substantial property damage. After learning of the unexpected expense to replace the damaged doors and frames, PeoplesBank immediately stepped up and offered to cover the associated costs.”

“I take great comfort in knowing that we live in a community that truly cares, where neighbors help neighbors, and where ‘corporate responsibility is more than just a catchphrase, but rather a genuine way of doing business,” said McClintock. The donation represents the goodness that shows so often after a misfortune.