SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A student at Western New England University found a guinea pig that was walking along the Wilbraham Road apartments.

This lost guinea pig appears to be a girl, is white, brown, and black in color, and appears to be young, according to the Western New England Police.

If you know the owner of this guinea pig, or if you are the owner, contact Public Safety at either 413-782-1411 or 413-782-1300.

According to RSPCA, guinea pigs are not agile and they do not climb. They are explorers, so they have great spatial awareness, as well as a great sense of smell and hearing.

Guinea pigs use these senses to find places to hide, and nooks and crannies to find refuge. They are prey animals in the wild, which means they are naturally cautious and like to hide. 

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