SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Peter Pan Bus Lines celebrated their 90th anniversary, as well as honoring one of their longtime bus drivers on Monday.

Longtime bus driver Everett Anderson was honored Monday for driving four million miles without a single accident. Anderson has been with Peter Pan Bus Lines since May 1970. He will be the second motorcoach operator in the United States to be inducted into the National Safety Hall of Fame for driving 4 million miles without any accidents. In perspective, that’s 40 times around the earth or 4.5 trips to the moon!

“First of all, I’d like to thank the company and I’m proud to be a Springfield resident,” said Anderson.

Anderson and CEO Peter Picknelly were honored by the city of Springfield Monday. In fact, Picknelly was given the key to the city, thanking him for keeping the family-run business in Springfield. 22News asked the CEO what’s next for his business.

“Springfield’s been a great city for us and having my kids next in line kind of assures that Peter Pan will be here right in Springfield for decades to come,” said Picknelly.

Mayor Sarno said, “Congratulations to Peter Picknelly and everyone at Peter Pan Bus Lines on the joyous occasion of their 90th Anniversary. Peter Pan Bus Lines, founded by Mr. Peter C. Picknelly in 1933 and for generations has remained a strong family-run and operated business with Today, Peter A. Picknelly proudly serves at the helm of the company with his children now also working for the company making it 4 generations strong. Peter Pan Bus Lines has been a great corporate citizen and a staple in our Springfield community for decades that has received local, regional, and national acclaim and accolades. Special shoutout to Everett Anderson, longtime Peter Pan bus driver who celebrated his 4-millionth mile! Simply put a tremendous accomplishment and well deserving of recognition.”

Currently Peter Pan operates 25 million miles a year in over 100 cities in the Northeast. Picknelly said their plans are to look at how they can expand bus lines farther south.