WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A Westfield resident spotted a black bear in their yard on Wednesday.

The photo was sent to Report-it from Tom Drewski of Westfield. The photo shows a well-fed black bear in their yard on Wednesday. Black bears live and breed in Worcester County, northern Middlesex County, and west to the Berkshires, according to Mass.gov.

Photo courtesy of Tom Drewski of Westfield

Bears that have been accustomed to and dependent on human and other animal foods, such as bird seed, trash, and pet food, are likely to cause damage and become a pain. Removing food sources and other attractants is key to preventing problems with bears.

If a bear is feeding in your yard, on a porch, or in a dumpster, step outside, yell, and make lots of noise. The bear will usually leave, which will be accompanied by its young. Accustomed bears may ignore minor harassment, so if you continue to see bears, check your property and remove any potential food.

If you can safely take photos of wildlife in your community, email them to Reportit@wwlp.com!