PALMER, Mass. (WWLP) – A 22News viewer captured photos of two raccoons climbing a tree Monday night.

According to Edward Minnie of Palmer, while he was going to his shed on Monday night, he spotted a raccoon climbing a tree in his backyard. A few minutes later, a second one appeared and climbed up the same tree to be with the other raccoon. Sasha Williams of Three Rivers captured a video of one of the raccoons climbing the tree.

Raccoons mate between January and March, with a 63-day gestation period giving birth to a litter of 3 to 7 cubs in April or May typically in a hollow tree. Raccoons are nocturnal and more active at dawn and dusk. They do not hibernate but during cold weather may sleep in their den for several days.

According to AZ Animals, finding food is the number one reason why raccoons climb trees and other objects. Raccoons may climb trees to find fruit or raid eggs from bird nests. They might also climb fences to reach bird seed or pet food that is left out in yards. 

When threatened by predators, raccoons might often climb up the tallest object that they can find in hopes of escaping their pursuer. Once up the tree, raccoons might decide to rest in the branches until they recover enough energy to move on.