WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – The West Springfield Police Department used their new program, Rapid SOS, to help locate a hiker having a medical emergency in Bearhole over the weekend.

Police say during the medical emergency, dispatch used Rapid SOS on an officer’s cell phone and tracked his location to guide him towards the hiker. The system also pinpointed the callers’ location so dispatch could stay in contact with her while help was on the way.

Officers then located the hiker and provided medical attention. The West Springfield Fire Department arrived shortly after. The hiker is expected to make a full recovery.

According to West Springfield Police, the system uses GPS technology that is built into your cellphone and connects it to 911 and first responders. The police department started using the technology about a month ago to assist their current 911 system while receiving calls.

Rapid SOS is installed on all Google and Apple products to create a more accurate pinpoint of a caller’s location compared to the current 911 system that uses cell phone towers.

Bearhole Reservoir

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