HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Saturday will be a big day for Holyoke as it marks the return of the St. Patrick’s Road Race.

Even though there is a little rain in the forecast for Saturday, people are excited to get out there regardless and come together as a community.

One excited runner, Peter Devine of Enfield, told 22News, “I feel great! I’m ready to go. This will be my fourth time running it, so yeah, it’s something I’ve always looked forward to and it will be celebrative for St. Patrick’s Day.”

The St. Patrick’s Road Race is Saturday, and participants came down to the race route, to pick up their numbers and festive race attire for the big day!

“It feels really special to have everyone here,” said Brian Donoghue, Road Race’s director. “We’re just grateful we can host the race again.”

Within the last two years, participants from near and far have trained for a chance to run again for the city of Holyoke. This event will have over 5,000 runners representing 29 states, the furthest participants hailing for Alaska.

Remarking on her training for the big day, Brieanne Gilbert of Enfield told 22News, “I’ve run a bunch of hills this week and last week and the weeks before. There’s a lot of hills here.”

People are ready to run, but most importantly, come together and provide local businesses an economic boost after the last two years.

“All of these businesses down here rely so much on this weekend to get through the whole year, so come down and support these places,” Donoghue said. “They’re the ones that put this party on!”

If you are interested in participating there is time left. You can register tomorrow between 9 a.m. to noon before the race begins!