SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – MassWildlife is planning a prescribed open burn in the Southwick Wildlife Management Area (WMA) on Monday.

According to the Southwick Fire Department, the burn will be done in collaboration with the DCR Forest and Fire Control and other partners. The burn is going to take place in order to promote habitat for wildlife and to reduce the risk of extreme wildfires.

The species that are expected to benefit from the activity are common and state-rare wildlife and plants that are dependent on grasslands and early successional habitats like grasshopper sparrow, meadowlark, whip-poor-will, and other pollinators.

Prescribed fires are done by a specially trained crew that is skilled in fire management operations. Safety is emphasized in all phases of fire management, and the burn will occur within parameters such as winds, temperature, and fuel moisture.

The Southwick Fire Department says that they will try to minimize impacts to the public and pardon their smoke.