Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company last month filed a state expanded environmental notification of their intent to build a 2.6-mile pipeline loop along Suffield Street in Agawam. 

It’s part of the Columbia Gas system expansion. The pipeline would connect the Suffield Street compressor station to the Columbia Gas line just past Silver Street. The route goes through seven acres of wetlands. 

“Therefore, it’s under the wetland protection act and will come before the Agawam conservation commission,” said Henry Kozloski, a member of the Agawam Conservation Commission. 

Tennessee Gas hosted a public consultation session on the project Friday. Some in attendance have concerns about what the proposed pipeline route may do to endangered species that call these wetlands home. 

“Everywhere Tennessee Gas puts in pipelines, we get invasive species,” said Jane Winn, the executive director of Berkshire Environmental Action Team. 

Tennessee Gas said they will work with Agawam to refill and restore the wetlands to their original state without introducing any non-native plants. 

Another part of the project would upgrade the compressor station. The proposal includes replacing two turbine engines with one. There are concerns about pollution and the impact on the environment. 

“We are trying to determine if that includes a rise in emissions or, if it’s so efficient that there isn’t a rise in emissions,” Rosemary Wessel of No Fracked Gas in Mass told 22News. 

Tennessee Gas said the plan has not been finalized, and this meeting was held to get advice and comments from the public.