SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Residents of a Springfield Gardens apartment on Union Street were out protesting Friday, as controversy continues over unhealthy living conditions.

the apartment buildings owned by Springfield Gardens are said to be riddled with unaddressed health and safety problems. These residents are saying the conditions are unlivable and allow criminal activity to flourish in the area.

Tenants of the Springfield Gardens-owned apartment have had enough. They say the drug using, squatters, and gun violence, paired with the rats and roaches, has them living in a constant state of terror.

Springfield Gardens tenant, Stacy Sutton, saying that she finds needles in the hallway, concerned for her children. Sutton’s neighbor says she steps over people in the hallways who have passed out and soiled themselves.

Another tenant, Nereida Jineney, telling 22News, “At night, I can’t sleep because there are people screaming and yelling, having parties in the hallway that don’t even live there.”

People who live at Springfield Gardens say the property mismanagement has lead to safety issues. In fact, just in the past two weeks there’s been a stabbing and double homicide at this building. Springfield Police say these homicide victims did not even belong in the apartment they were found dead in. Police added they working to obtain list of tenants in hopes of getting the squatters and dealers out.

Sutton adding that police tell them, they are tired of coming here, and they are tired of trespassing people when the management isn’t doing anything. Springfield Gardens Management, a company called Schweb Partners out of New Jersey, was reached out by 22News to comment, but our calls were not returned.

Mayor Domenic Sarno said he’s aware of the situation and has been working with the Springfield Police in conjunction with other local and state agencies on a response. Melvin Edwards, Vice President of Springfied City Council notes the problems in the area are complex, “There’s been a concentration of problems in this area that goes back not just to recent time, but back decades.”

The Mayor said his efforts with the Springfield Police could yield results as early as next week, we will continue to follow this story for you.