CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Although we saw some rain over the past 48 hours, it hasn’t been enough to help with our significant drought and it’s leading to many restrictions on how households should use water.

This year’s drought continues to worsen amid high temperatures and low rainfall. Impacts from the significant dry spell are causing problems in agriculture, fire safety, watersheds and, of course, recommendations from water providers and local governments to cut back on washing their cars and watering the grass.

The town of Sunderland was the latest in a series of towns issuing water restrictions asking residents not to water their lawn until November 1.

According to the latest drought monitor, most of western Massachusetts is under a severe drought, while the eastern part of the state is experiencing extreme drought conditions. Fire risks have also increased. The dry weather is leading to nearly 100 wildfires that have been reported in the month of August, most of them east of Worcester.

The dry pattern is also causing smaller-than-usual crops as farmers work overtime to make sure their crops are getting as much water as they can. Unfortunately, that trend will likely continue as the fall harvest approaches.