SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Mayoral Candidate and State Representative Orlando Ramos is calling upon Mayor Sarno to take action when it comes to Springfield water.

Representative Ramos is starting a petition, calling for the city to take action and reduce a proposed increase from Springfield Water and Sewer. Springfield Water and Sewer is proposing a $7.50 increase for fiscal year 2024. According to Ramos, this is too much for water that exceeds the maximum contaminant level for a water disinfection byproduct.

“Mayor Sarno received $126 million in ARPA money and water quality was one of the four categories in which money could be spent and he hasn’t allocated a single dime towards water quality. So I am asking the mayor to allocate some of the remaining ARPA funds toward water quality so we can see a savings,” said Ramos.

22News contacted Mayor Sarno but he declined to comment. Calls to the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission were not returned. Springfield Water and Sewer are taking on major improvement projects to improve the quality of water and do offer financial assistance programs.