SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Repairs are underway on the new Colony Court apartment complex in Springfield after bricks and debris fell off the side of the building on Friday.

Code Enforcement said residents will still be able to live there and the building is structurally sound, but repairs are still being made to make sure more bricks don’t fall.

“About 30 feet of masonry, veneer, concrete, and ornamental beltway had come down,” Springfield Code Enforcement Commissioner Steve Desilets told 22News.

On Friday night, the Springfield Fire Department was called to the Maple Street building.
Desilets said no one was hurt, and the bricks fell because of the repeated freezing and thawing we’ve seen these last few weeks.

“The water and the frost had pushed the veneer out so far that it’s in danger of collapsing off the building, so we’re looking at all the areas of the building,” explained Desilets.

He said they just put out the emergency notice about the safety of the building. They have also put up scaffolding over the doorways to protect residents as they come in and out. He said this is an important reminder for anyone who has brick on the side of their homes, so situations like this one don’t happen to you.

“It’s been neglected and the water starts penetrating those walls. It goes from a simple problem to just touch up some mortar to this here’s going to be thousands and thousands of dollars of repairs,” Desilets said.

The commissioner went on to say it will be a few days to make sure all the loose masonry is taken care of, but it’s unclear exactly how long repairs will take.

22News has attempted to contact Maple Street Holdings LLC but have yet to hear back as of Monday afternoon.