SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News followed up Monday after receiving several viewer complaints about waiting in long lines in the cold outside the vaccination site at the Eastfield Mall. 

Some people we spoke with said they just want better communication, and organization so they don’t have to wait outside in the cold. 

Anne Welch, a Longmeadow resident said, “I’m glad we are getting vaccinated, I just feel like it could be better run.” 

Frustration is running high for some people, as a long line formed outside the Eastfield Mall’s Curative mass vaccination site, with people waiting in the cold to get a COVID-19 vaccination. 

Anne Abbott of Wilbraham came for her appointment a 1 p.m., but didn’t get her vaccine until nearly two hours later. 

“It was just very frustrating,” Abbott said. “I feel sorry for the older people who were obviously struggling with the cold and just being able to stand that long. That’s a long time to wait in line and stand in 27-degree temperatures.” 

COVID-19 vaccinations in Massachusetts have expanded to people over the age of 75, Welch was waiting with her 83-year-old mother. She said they were told by workers at the door to wait in their cars until it was time for their appointment and that they wouldn’t lose their spot. 

“I’ve told everybody around me if you want to go sit in your car, I’ll hold your place, I’ll stand out here,” said Welch. “These people are all nervous. They don’t want to miss their appointment or lose their spot. They weren’t prepared to be waiting outside.” 

In a statement to 22News, representatives for Curative said in part: 

Curative is aware of the patient lines at the Eastfield Mall vaccine site and is working diligently to resolve the issue. 

They are also asking patients arriving early to remain in their cars until 15 minutes prior to their appointment to help assist enforcing social distancing and patient safety. 

The people 22News spoke with said that they very thankful for the health care workers making this monumental experience possible, and hope voicing their concerns will make it memorable for the right reasons.