CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Speeding has been a major cause of concern on one street in Chicopee.

Moreau Drive is a road with lots of children living in the neighborhood, and parents are concerned about the high volume of speeding cars and drivers blowing through stop signs.

22News spoke with a few residents who live on the street and they all agreed speeding is an issue. They tell us that there have been meetings held with the town and local law enforcement to brainstorm possible solutions, but so far nothing permanent is in place.

One man says he never lets his six-year-old son play out in the front yard. “I’ve seen people passing other cars driving on this street,” he added more needs to be done to address the issue. “I mean they can post the speed limit all they want, but it doesn’t stop it. They need maybe some possible speed tables I think would help.”

Litwin Elementary School is only a half mile away from the street so another solution brought forward by the city has been to make Moreau Drive a school zone.

As of now, those living there say the current speed limit is 25mph though many driving through the road travel at a speed closer to 40mph or higher.