SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Roderick Ireland Courthouse in Springfield re-opened Wednesday after a days-long deep cleaning, but plaintiffs who had sued to close the courthouse say the cleaning did not go far enough.

Attorneys representing the plaintiffs in their lawsuit against the Trial Court held a news conference Thursday morning to discuss what they call the “disappointing results of the recent ‘deep clean.'” Further, they allege that the inadequate cleaning was a breach of the settlement agreement they had reached with the Trial Court back in May. That settlement avoided a trial before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

“The Trial Court again tried to cut corners and shortchange employees and members of the public from western Mass that work and use that important building, and put their health and safety at risk by not actually doing a deep clean as required by the agreement,” said Attorney Jeffrey Morneau.

Morneau also noted that they haven’t received any notice that the Trial Court has begun the process for an occupational health assessment, something that could also become a breach of contract if there continues to be no movement.

Attorney Morneau took 22News inside the Roderick Ireland’s courthouse library to show where he said contractors missed spots. The complaints about the deep clean are not only inside the building but also on the roof.

“The settlement agreement also required the Trial Court to inspect the roof of this courthouse, one of the main areas of leak which leads to mold and provide a written report by yesterday,” said Morneau.

The Trial Court sent 22News the following statement:

“The Trial Court has received the plaintiffs’ written allegations of breach and will respond in writing to the Settlement Coordinator to report on both its completed and its ongoing work on these matters.”

Watch the news conference in full below:

Tommy LeBlanc has been working at the courthouse for 8 years. He said employees deserve better, “Fix the building. I mean it’s pretty simple we have people that are constantly getting sick, people that are dying. I mean how much more is going to take.”

Mayor Sarno is calling for the building to be replaced, pointing to a proposed waterfront redevelopment that includes a new courthouse.