WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – SafeTiva Labs, a respected cannabis testing services provider based in Westfield, is taking proactive steps to address the alarming increase in fentanyl-related overdoses by offering free fentanyl testing kits to the community.

The initiative is driven by a commitment to harm reduction and community safety, with the goal of empowering individuals with accurate information about the substances they may encounter.

Megan Dobro, CEO and Co-Founder of SafeTiva Labs, expressed the importance of this endeavor, “We believe in the principles of harm reduction and ensuring that everyone in our community is empowered with accurate knowledge of what they’re consuming.”

In recent years, fentanyl-related overdose deaths have surged, emerging as a critical public health crisis. Fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid that is significantly more powerful than heroin, has contributed to a quadrupling of opioid-related fatalities due to its widespread availability. The risk of unintentional exposure is a growing concern, and SafeTiva’s Fentanyl Testing Program aims to equip the community with tools for making informed decisions.

SafeTiva Labs is renowned for its dedication to ensuring the safety and accuracy of cannabis products through comprehensive testing for factors such as potency, pesticides, solvents, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, and terpenes. The lab has earned a reputation for integrity and quality in the cannabis industry. While fentanyl contamination has not been identified in the cannabis supply, SafeTiva Labs is extending its commitment to public’s welfare by providing these valuable resources to address the opioid crisis.

SafeTiva Labs welcomes the public from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., at its location on 109 Apremont Way in Westfield. Individuals can visit during these hours to receive free fentanyl testing kits. To ensure privacy and promote a judgement-free environment, SafeTiva Labs does not collect any personal information as part of this program.

Cate Ligenza, SafeTiva’s Lab Director, highlighted the effectiveness of take-home kits: “Offering take-home kits is an effective harm reduction strategy. The test strips are easy to keep in your wallet and they empower anyone to quickly detect fentanyl contamination at home or while they’re out at any time of the day.”

Megan Dobro, a mother herself, emphasized her commitment to addressing this epidemic: “As a mother, I feel that I can’t ignore this epidemic. Since the community has already been using our lab as a resource to ensure the safety of their cannabis products, we felt this program was well-aligned with our mission.”

SafeTiva’s mission revolves around promoting transparency, education, and responsible practices to empower consumers and enhance public safety. This initiative reflects their dedication to those principles and their ongoing efforts to serve the community.

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