LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The search is still underway for an endangered African antelope that escaped from Lupa Zoo in Ludlow.

The antelope escaped from the Lupa Zoo in Ludlow on April 1st due to inclement weather causing a break in the animal’s fence. Nearly two weeks later, the antelope remains on the loose.

Concerns from zoo staff are growing since the last time the antelope was seen was on Easter Sunday in Belchertown. 22News spoke with Joan Lupa, President of the Lupa Zoo on how she’s feeling about the continued search.

“The last time she was seen was in Ludlow by Chicopee River, the east side of Ludlow since Sunday, she was not sighted anywhere,” said Lupa. “Right now, there’s so much food because there’s new grasses, new bud, which they have a lot of energy… so she’s safe and I don’t believe the animal of that size could really be attacked by coyotes.”

Ludlow police have said that the animal is generally skittish and poses no threat to the public but does advise drivers be extra caution, especially at night. If you spot the antelope, you’re asked not to approach her but to call the Ludlow Police Department or the Lupa Zoo.