HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Facemasks are making it difficult for the deaf and hard-of-hearing to communicate.

But now, a literacy specialist at Holyoke Community College figured out a way to help. Ash Aliengena started the ‘See More Smile’ campaign. The goal is to raise awareness of the need for accessible face masks.

The campaign handmade more than 60 masks, which include a clear plastic mouth window, so others can easily read lips and communicate via sign language.

“It would be so cool if other people started making these and more people started wearing them. It’s like one of those small, small ways we could make life a little bit better in his crazy pandemic, it’s just to be able to smile at each other,” said Aliengena.

Aliengena donated some of the masks to staffers at HCC, as well as teachers at Holyoke Public Schools.