LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The Ludlow School Committee proposed a book ban for Ludlow Schools.

After the Ludlow School Committee proposed a book ban for Ludlow Schools, Senator Oliveira is now trying to stop the ban from happening.

Earlier this week, he filed a legislation to declare an emergency law in Massachusetts that will protect against any attempts to ban, remove or restrict any library access to materials. “A bill that I have filed along with Representative Saunders really looks at our public library system and many of these challenges are about communities of color, about the LGBTQ+ community and these are far right wing attempts to limit information to the general public,” says Oliveira.

The legislation comes after a recent proposed policy that would ban books that were deemed inappropriate from the library shelves in Ludlow Schools. Senator Oliveira tells 22News, there should be no limits on free thought and that diversity should be celebrated throughout the Commonwealth.

We also reached out to the Ludlow School Committee but did not hear back.