SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The United States Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v Wade ruling on Friday. The move sparked outrage across the country among advocates for abortion rights and setting the stage for a shift in abortion laws throughout the nation.

Governor Charlie Baker affirmed on Friday that Massachusetts would remain a safe haven for those seeking access to reproductive health services.

The Governor signed an executive order that prohibits any Executive Department agencies from assisting another state’s investigation into a person or entity for receiving or delivering reproductive health services that are legal in Massachusetts.

22News spoke with Springfield’s City Council President, Councilor Jesse Lederman about this national controversy.

“You know certainly in Massachusetts, we are going to continue to stand up and protect the right to choose and we are also going to continue to provide refuge and resources to individuals in other states who are now being persecuted,” he said.

Local faith leaders are also expressing concern for the overturned decision. The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts told 22News he’s concerned how certain marginalized communities will be impacted.

Bishop Doug Fisher expressed, “We see this as a big step backwards. It also impacts the poor more than anyone else. Jesus is consistent in his message that we reach out to the poor and this decision yesterday really impacts those who are poor.”

The Episcopal Church first announced its support for the right to choose in 1967.