SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – “Keep Southwick Green!” and “Stop Carvana!” is what a local coalition and many residents are calling for. 

The Southwick Planning Board will resume the hearing and vote on the Carvana project, and it has been extended to July 20. This is after a hearing was held last week but no decision was made. 22News was there at the hearing and a large group of Southwick residents was present, many in great opposition of the building of the Carvana center on College Highway. 

22News spoke with a coalition member of “Save Southwick.” Among their concerns being raised are pollution, heavy traffic, and water usage of the facility, especially as the town continues to restrict its water supply. 

“If Carvana goes out of business then we are stuck with this monstrosity,” said Kevin Meder, a member of Save Southwick. “Once it is there, it is not going to go away. We see empty malls and parking lots and that’s the fear that it’s going to happen here too.” 

According to the coalition, Carvana wants to build a 137-acre facility on empty farmland right across from Southwick’s DPW on Route 202, which runs through downtown Southwick. It will be a vehicle processing facility in which their vehicles are repaired and cleaned before being sent to other locations. 

A traffic study for the site expects more than 2,600 vehicle trips during the weekday, a traffic and infrastructure concern for many Southwick residents. 22News did reach out to the town of Southwick for comment. We have not heard from them yet.