SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Springfield continues its plans of building a massive sports complex. They’re now accepting proposals to redevelop the property formerly known as the York Street Jail.

Springfield is trying to make Hoop City a must see destination for young basketball players. Bringing in top athletes to play on an all new “court of dreams” right next to the Basketball Hall of Fame. However, the sports complex wouldn’t just house major basketball tournaments, the city wants to see plans for a state of the art multi sports complex, a place that some say will bring Springfield together.

President of the Springfield City Council, Marcus Williams, told 22News, “You’re talking about the Basketball Hall of Fame, the sports teams in the city, to the colleges, to the high schools all coming together in one central location under a building that will serve them all well.”

The complex would be built on the property that was the former York Street Jail. The land is owned by the City of Springfield, and they are now taking proposals for the sports complex. Responses must be submitted by January 5.

The ongoing construction on the pumping stations is not related but if developed, the complex would be built in the same area.