SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – African-American artist Nelson Stevens has been honored with a showing of his work at Springfield’s D’Amour Museum of Fine Art.

Nelson Stevens, who passed away last year at the age of 84, created historic art both in Springfield and on the campus of UMass. Beginning Saturday, the art museum will share with the public the color rapping artwork of Nelson Stevens, which he adopted as his own bringing it into fashion for others to follow this pioneering artists.

“When artists, especially Black artists, were considering ways in which they could move away from the Eurocentric canon, by creating art by and for Black people that defined the Black esthetic and advocated for the community in which the artists lived,” said Maggie North, Curator for the Springfield Museum of Art.

Local art student Mar-Lani Hernandez was among the first to view the Nelson Stevens Collection at the D’Amour Art Museum before the color rapping collection goes on display Saturday. To say she was quite taken by it, would be an under statement.

“I think it’s amazing, Springfield is a very diverse place and coming from Miami, I can appreciate other artists, It’s just pretty exciting,” said Hernandez.

Just a few more days before the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts unveils the Nelson Stevens color rapping style of artistry. Stevens left his mark on the art world with stylish renderings on an inner city world unlike what museum goers had previously seen.