SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield City Councilors met last night to discuss a proposal to help take illegal dirt bikes off the roads.

The city is trying to crack down on this years-long issue. One business owner doesn’t agree with a proposal to ban dirt bikers from refueling at gas stations. The City Council’s Public Safety Committee met Monday night with the owner of Pride Gas stations Bob Bolduc via zoom. They heard his concerns about the proposed ordinance that would prohibit gas stations from selling gas to anyone operating a dirt bike or ATV.

Bolduc said this proposal would put his employees and others at risk if cashiers needed to enforce the new rule. Bolduc added, “I think they need to drop it. I think the ordinance is crazy and irresponsible and they are asking our cashiers to do something they admit they can’t do.”

Councilman Orlando Ramos, who introduced the proposal, says other municipalities who have a similar ordinance like Hartford and New Haven, CT, haven’t experienced problems.