The Springfield City Council on Monday night voted to override Mayor Domenic Sarno’s veto of their Welcoming Community Trust Ordinance.

Mayor Sarno has called it a “sanctuary city ordinance” and vetoed it in December, saying it would be a drain on taxpayers. 

Councilors secured the nine votes necessary to override the mayor’s veto in Monday night’s City Council meeting. Councilor Adam Gomez said he doesn’t believe over-rides put a strain on the Council’s relationship with the mayor.

“I think that it’s just business as usual, and we can move forward and work with him on other things that we can agree on,” Gomez told 22News. “I think this is just part of our jobs, sometimes you need an override, sometimes you can work stuff out.”

Eleven councilors voted in favor of the ordinance, and Councilor Timothy Allen was the only “no” vote.

One councilor was absent due to illness.