SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield City Councilor since 2013, Justin Hurst has decided this Wednesday, that he will be running for Mayor of Springfield.

Councilor Hurst’s announcement comes after talking with his family and wanting to see Springfield prosper into a first-class city. He envisions a city that is “bold and innovative”.

“Our city deserves a forward-thinking leader who will meet the moment and will continue to listen and talk with the residents of Springfield to determine how together, we can create and have a government that works for all of Springfield,” Hurst said.

Hurst has a mission to advocate for Springfield communities and be responsible for taxpayer dollars. Along with ensuring a newly formed police commission retains all powers granted
to the commission in the city ordinance and allowing municipal workers to receive residency.

Lastly, using money left from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). He’d want to see this money be invested in residents who may be struggling to make a living, new businesses, small businesses and nonprofits outside of downtown, and free transportation.

“For all of our growth as a Commonwealth, Springfield stands at a crossroads. The city is at a critical point where it can continue to expand along with our state or fall short of its potential, Councilor Hurst mentioned. “Today, we see far too many people being left behind with no hope of a better future. I have a proven track record of being an innovative leader with vision and a forward-thinking elected official who understands that inclusion and equity are assets and even more so when we take into account the diversity of Springfield.”

“While many people will certainly see the historical significance of this Mayoral campaign, I am
running to improve the lives of our residents and exercise influence over the future of our great
city. It is more important than ever that our next Mayor be committed to accountability, justice, and change,” Councilor Hurst adds. “I will work in partnership with residents, community stakeholders, and the business community to create an inclusive vision that will have a positive impact on every community and resident in Springfield.”