SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield City Council’s Working Group on Civic Engagement presented their final recommendations to help give more voice to Springfield residents.

The working group, consisting of 15 Springfield residents, rolled out eight recommendations for the city council to consider in the new year.

The goal is to increase civic engagement, involve more people with local government, as well as make Springfield elected officials more accessible to the public.

One of the recommendations is to “implement text and email alerts for public meetings.”

Councilman Jesse Lederman told 22News, “I believe very deeply that the City Council is the closest elected body to the people, and we have an obligation to make sure that as we are moving through decision making for the future of our community, that every resident and business and constituent has the opportunity to be involved.”

Other recommendations include “expanding focused efforts to actively support senior citizens” and “adopt early and mail-in voting in local elections.”