SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The city of Springfield’s Litter Advisory Committee is requesting assistance from the state in its efforts to curb litter. Committee members gathered with State Representatives for a meeting on the issue at Forest Park Monday.

The Springfield Litter Advisory Committee continues to express concern over the litter plaguing parts of the city. They say some of the major problem areas are highway on- and off-ramps on I-91 near the Forest Park neighborhood. A meeting held Monday at Forest Park sought to explain to state leaders what efforts are needed at the state level to address the issue.

This meeting is just the latest action from the committee. It began its efforts to curb litter within the city back at the start of 2023. Since then, they’ve developed ideas for litter solutions and presented a final report of recommendations in March to the mayor and city council.

The committee says it’ll take more than just action at the city level. They’d like to see an increase in the MassDOT budget and an improved streams of communication.

“If we could have as an outcome of this meeting, that we get MassDOT to at least share their current clean-up schedule, that way we could keep them accountable for what they already are supposed to be doing,” said Eric Swallow, Chair of the committee.

Representatives of Senators Adam Gomez and Jacob Oliveira were there and shared that both Senators have made efforts to connect with MassDOT on these concerns. However, it was noted that taking this kind of state action would require three separate state agencies, with separate budgets and personnel, to work together with the city of Springfield’s DPW and Parks and Rec Department.

An exact number wasn’t clarified as far as how much the committee would like to have the MassDOT budget increased by but they expressed the hope that a specific earmark would be granted.