SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Litter is an issue in a number of communities and the city of Springfield is working to find a solution. The city’s Advisory Litter Committee is recommending to address the ongoing issue.

The committee was formed back in December and has since come up with 12 potential solutions that were presented Tuesday. For the past few months, committee has been evaluating factors leading to litter issues and brainstorming solutions.

“The main issue we identified while we were understanding the litter issues in Springfield was that clean-up happens across a number of departments,” said Erica Swallow, chair of the committee.

That’s why they’ve proposed hiring a director of litter control. Other ideas include installing trash cans at bus stops and increasing education, to name a few. The committee has started with the Forest Park neighborhood, with hopes of expanding city-wide.

When the committee was first formed back in December, they listed Longhill Street, along with the “X” and Dickinson Street as some of the most problem areas in the city.

Tyra Varner of Springfield spoke with 22News about how dire the litter issue is, “It’s disgusting, it really is. Especially when the snow melts, there’s all kind of garbage.”

The committee has presented their report to the mayor and is hopeful that the implementation of these changes is imminent. A big question surrounding these recommendations is how they will be paid for, which ultimately will be considered by the mayor and city council.