Some Springfield residents want the city to consider community broadband.

Audio engineer Bob Hendrickson asked the City Council Monday to form a committee to study the feasibility of creating a municipal high speed fiber network.

He said, in many instances, Springfield is working with old equipment. “We have a failing and old system here in Springfield. There are wires on the poles over 50 years old. They’re trying to run today’s technology. These fiber systems, there’s federal and state monies.”

East Springfield Neighborhood Association’s Kathleen Brown said, “As we move forward as a strong city, we need to do this. Otherwise, we’re going to be catching up to the other communities.”

Hendrickson said Westfield is in the process of implementing a high speed fiber network, after starting the process two years ago. 

If a city adopts community broadband, it has to be made available to everyone and every business in the city.