The Teacher’s Union and other community organizations say Springfield schools are being underfunded by tens of millions of dollars. 

The Springfield Education Association and the Pioneer Valley Project hosted a Fund our Future forum Thursday night. 

The forum educated parents about the state’s funding issues, and shed light on legislative bills local lawmakers are hoping will help fix the problem. 

Forum organizers said a lot of parents have questions about why their students’ schools lack resources, and Thursday night helped answer some of those questions.

“It turns into like, well, why doesn’t my student have a pencil? Why can’t they bring books home? Why can’t they get a packet replaced? It becomes this conversation of why, but no real push as to who is in charge of this,” said Sasha Jimenez of the Pioneer Valley Project. “Who are we holding accountable?”

Thursday night’s forum at Forest Park Middle School is just one of 40 being held in communities across Massachusetts.