SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It was the official kickoff of the holiday season over at the Springfield Elks Lodge on Monday night for “Springfield Together”

It’s their fourth year putting on the dinner, providing a nice turkey dinner to all elks members in the community. Mayor Sarno was in attendance at the gathering.

Springfield Together worked with the Springfield Lodge of Elks, the Springfield C2 program, and Springfield Public School system to make the event possible for the people. On top of the dinner, they provided free winter jackets and backpacks for the kids.

22News stopped by to get a sense of why these events are so important.

“It’s not a happy time for everybody and currently with the economic conditions, some people may not be able to have a nice turkey dinner on their own, so this provides them that. The kids get to see each other outside of school with their teachers, and so it helps them to get closer together and have a fun, safe event,” said Gary Delisle of Springfield Together and Lodge of Elks member.

The group also does other events throughout the year like food giveaways, Christmas, and Easter events.