Springfield firefighters donate coats to students at Homer Street School

Hampden County

Springfield firefighters are helping keep kids warm this winter, by donating jackets to children in need. 

“In our school, we’re mostly low income,” explained teacher Christina Cournoyer. “And we are seeing kids coming in, as it gets colder, and they do not have a winter coat.”

On Tuesday, members of the Springfield Fire Department donated 57 coats to students. The kids picked out their coats and tried them on so they can start wearing them to stay warm. 

“It will not let the coldness get me, and I won’t be cold,” said third-grader Jamia Gelyz. 

“It will help me be warm and not let the cold air come in,” said Zyare Jadsdon Wright, another third grader at Homer Street School. 

The Local 648 Springfield Fire Association paid for the coats that were given to students. 

“It shows the heart and compassion of the firefighters in Springfield,” explained Capt. Tyrone Denson of the Fire Department. “Plus, we like to give back. You know, we don’t want to see anybody without winter coats. If we can help out in any way, we will do it.”

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