The city of Springfield has hired a consultant to assist in establishing recreational marijuana laws. 

The city said they want to make sure any recreational marijuana facility that opens respects the city’s laws and its residents. Springfield Mayor Sarno told 22News the city hired Attorney Julie Steiner to assist in the process of implementing adult use marijuana laws in the city. 

Mayor Sarno said Steiner specializes in cannabis law and policy and will help assure the city’s process is fair, efficient and thorough. Steiner will work with the police, planning, and health departments to implement the city’s recreational marijuana laws.

Helen Caulton-Harris, the Springfield Health commissioner told 22News, “We’re going to work hard to make sure we have a program for recreational marijuana that is sustainable and enforceable, and that security is considered as well as our neighborhoods. We are going to do the work to make sure this right.”

Caulton-Harris will be the city’s representative for the state’s Working Cannabis Group, which will meet regularly to discuss the best practices and strategies for regulating recreational marijuana.

Caulton-Harris said there are a lot of recreational marijuana companies interested in Springfield, but it’s too early to say when a recreational marijuana facility could open.